Mariolo oil in the final at "XI Armonia International Olive Oil Competition"

During this period, the eleventh edition of the International Olive Oil Competition Armonia Trophy is being held: this is the first and only contest of olive oil that encourages caterers, catering companies, masters and young chefs, food bloggers and consumers to expand Their knowledge of the new “alternative use” of oil in the kitchen and table.

The objectives of this competition are:

1) Encourage olive oil producers and processors to improve their quality, promote excellence in extra virgin olive oil and appreciate the benefits to health and nutrition in the kitchen and on the table;

2) Award the best olive oil producers around the world in order to spread and increase knowledge of extra virgin olive oil and consumption in their local markets;

3) Promote the study and knowledge of the quality of olive oil, the classification and the new “alternative” techniques for its use in the kitchen and table.

This competition, one of the world’s most important for olive oil, provides the opportunity to participate in one of the following three categories of olive oil: Intense, Medium and Delicate.

After a tough selection, the 20 finalists of each category were selected, selected among the world’s leading oil producers, who will win the win.

Massimo Becattelli’s oil is among the finalists of the Intensi category (click here for the complete list): the winner will be awarded Wednesday 10th May at 6 pm at Sala Jaèn during the International Expoliva Oil Expo on 10th May 18 at the Salón Multiusos de la Caja Rural during the Expoliva in IFEJA, Prolongación Carretera de Granada in Jaén, Spain.

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