Gold Medal for Mariolo Oil at the "II Domina International Olive Oil Contest Award"

A month of May is particularly florid and rich in prestigious awards for the oil of Massimo Becattelli.

From 4 to 7 May 2017, Domina Zagarella Sicily held the second edition of the D-IOOC, Domina Internatonal Olive Oil Contest, in Palermo.

The event offered the participating companies the opportunity to promote their oil excellence and gave the industry enthusiasts the opportunity to “live” closely the contest environment; A journey full of educational and leisure moments, themed dinners, guided tastings, a seminar on the promotion of olive oil, Gala Dinner, Prize-giving.

A highly-focused business opportunity for manufacturing companies.

The Management of the Contest, comprised of Stefania Reggio, David Oddsson and Antonio G. Lauro, and a panel of judges composed of 20 international judges, plus Head of Panel, from Spain, Palestine, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Japan, Israel, China Turkey, has awarded the following awards:

  1. TOP 10 International Awards and Special Award
  2. 95 Gold Medal and 100 Silver Medal

Thirty-three extra virgin olive oils, including 154 from Italy, participated in the competition, while the remaining olive oils came from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Croatia, Japan, Greece, Israel, Malta, Palestine, Peru, Portugal , Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Uruguay, USA.

Massimo Becattelli’s oil has been the winner of one of the 95 Gold Medal.

Another important award at another prestigious international olive oil contest for Mariolo oil, along with the third place in the international competition Armonia.

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