Visit of two students at the Montecatini Terme Oil Sommelier School (Pistoia, Italy) during the harvest of olives

On Saturday, 28 October 2017, the Mori Concetta Farm had the pleasure to be able to host two students at the Montecatini Terme Oil Sommelier School for the whole day. It is an institution that annually selects the best oils of Italy, including the Mariolo produced by Agricola Mori Concetta.

Students attending this school have the opportunity to know and appreciate during the lessons the history and characteristics of the most important Italian oils of international significance. This year the course was held in July and Mariolo oil, thanks also to the prestigious third place in the Armonia competition (see here for more details) was chosen for the tastings provided by the course.

Particularly affected by the taste and the properties of the Mariolo oil during the tastings were Tetsuo and Sachiko Tugata, who were able to visit the Mori Concetta Farm and had the opportunity to attend the harvesting of the olives and to appreciate the method of milling.

Tetsuo and Sachiko are in charge of an import-export business of food products in Japan.

Here are some photos of the visit.

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