The oil is obtained by the technique of the cold squeezer from Tuscan typical variety as the Moraiolo (the majority one), the Corregiolo, the Leccino, the Gremignolo, the Piangente and the Leccino of the Corno (which is typical of San Casciano, discovered and licensed in 1929 in the Corno’s farm).
The harvesting is mixed, both by hand and mechanic, with the use of long white sheet. After the harvesting the olives are immediately put in plastic cases with holes for the air to not weep. At the end of the day the olives are sent to the olive press, where they will be crushed few hours later.
The oil obtained is put in a steel holder and stored in cruses. Than it is packaged.
The oil is produced with a biological agriculture, without using pesticides.




The oil is produced in DOP territory (denomination of protect origin) so it respects the physics and chemical characteristics by the normative. It is packaged in different measures or in dark glass bottles (to preserve its original colour) on the top it’s used the cork no topping, valid for the first use.



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