The company Azienda Agricola Mori Concetta of Becattelli Massimo is a family business and it produces classic Chianti in the common of San Casciano in Val di Pesa.

The enterprise is not big (just a little more than four hectares), including three of olive grove and a vineyard of recent realization divided into two small vineyards of about half a hectar each one.

The company is characterized by the total absence of clones coming from foreign countries and it has chosen accurately, with the supervision of agronomists and oenologists, the best clones of Chianti’s typical vines: Sangiovese, Colorino, Canaiolo.
We recently introduced some Putignello vines and in the next future we will plant also Mammolo. This last one is intertwined with territory and traditions of San Casciano in Val Di Pesa.

In the past, the Pugnitello and the Mammolo they have been left because of their complicated cultivation and their lamentable resistance to the illnesses, as consequence, clones coming from France and Spain were imported.
The objective in reintegrating it is moved by the intention of recover (and so maintain) this typical and typology strictly linked to the classic Chianti’s territory.

The wine, which is classic Chianti DOCG (denomination of controlled and guaranteed origin) and 100% biological, is produced using exclusively only our grapes. The manufacture is characterized by the union between innovation and tradition. The production takes place in the fringe by the use of modern equipment (scutch, press and pump) but with the methods learned by the past, for example the next handmade bottling.

The Chianti wine has to be composed, by law, by the 80% of Sangiovese and the 20% of black grapes presents in the regulations. The grapes of the Sangiovese contain a lot of types: for our production we selected (from the most old, new and traditional) those which has the best result in San Casciano. Naturally there’s no best or worst clone because each one has different characteristics, for this reason one of our objectives is to search the right mix of varieties to have the perfect Sangiovese.

For this purpose we analysed the dirt’s components to study the best rootstock to provide the best quality: in the same land there are different dirts, also in the same vineyard, for this reason the work is handmade, to ensure that in each different field area is planted the most appropriate screw for the organoleptic characteristics of the ground.

It’s a young vine recently installed.





The Sangiovese, but also the other vines, is vintaged purely, rigorously handmade and with careful selection of best grapes.

Subsequently, the winemaking takes place in a steel holder and in a second moment the wine is sharpened in wood barrels and then each clone is vintaged and manufactured purely.
At this point, with the help of the oenologist, the wine is assembled on the base of the characteristics of the agricultural year.

Finally, the product is bottled and packaged completely handmade.


The name MORINO derives from MORI+viNO to remember the founder of the enterprise: Mori Concetta.




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